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I make my living as a full-time predator control specialist. I trap year round and I catch everything from weasel to bear. My primary focus is on coon, fox and coyotes. I have protected millions of turkeys and thousands of sheep; I use what I sell so I KNOW it all works!

The tools I use are snares, traps, live traps, killer traps, and good dogs.  I also den and call.  My success largely depends on the tools, baits, and lures I use, and my ability, knowledge and experience. These are what have made my business a success!

My experience in trapping has taken me from the Atlantic to the Pacific so I know a lot of the conditions trappers are dealing with. Whatever your trapping conditions, my baits and lures will work for you!

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Trapping season is upon us and we can help you increase your catch numbers with our products. You will not be disappointed with choosing our line of baits and lures to meet your needs this coming season. We wish you luck!

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Scott Phillips

Magnum Cat Rub - 4 oz

NEW FOR 2013! Whatever you are using--cages, traps or snares--this is a must have rub lure. Grease base, very sticky, will stay where put, won't freeze, long-lasting, lots of castor. Limited amounts offered in 4 oz only.

Magnum Marten - Pint

Magnum Marten - Pint

All Predators--Best Call Lure BAR NONE